Yoga for Birth Workshop

Empowering you to feel confident in your ability to give birth

Yoga for birth workshops are practical sessions to give you Yogic tools you can use during the birthing process, helping you to feel more empowered and confident in your ability to give birth. We will be exploring positions to help childbirth as well as breathing techniques to support a calm mind, reducing fear and anxiety and to build confidence and trust in your ability to birth. This is an expereintial workshop with the emphasis on learning about your own body and what it needs. 

Being calm, quiet and relaxed can optimise the release of hormones which are crucial to the flow of natural labour and birth – most importantly oxytocin to aid labour and endorphins for pain relief. Gentle movement and use of  gravity can also support the birthing process. Being able to practice all this in advance means that you will feel better prepared for when the time comes, without having to think about it.

During the workshop we will cover

  • The physiology and psychology of all the stages of the birthing process
  • Ways to help your baby into an optimal birthing position
  • Hormones and how they effect the birthing process
  • Working with your body and baby to birth your baby
  • Use of the breath to calm the mind and to 'birth lightly'
  • Active birth positions & movement to help labour flow
  • Relaxation techniques and visualisations to support you during the birthing process
  • Role of the birth partner and how to offer meaningful support
  • Mindfulness meditation and Yoga nidra
  • Use of movement and gravity to support your birth.

Cost: £90 (covers you and your birth partner, includes handout)

Where: Home studio in East Cliff, Folkestone

When: Saturday 16th September

Time: 10am - 1pm

This workshop is suitable from 28 weeks