In a group class we will explore the relationship between breath and movement, how the two are inextricably linked and can support each other to open up the body and calm and recentre the mind. We will use flowing sequences and a gentle exploration of staying in key postures.

Rupal will take you through the FUNDAMENTALS, step by step, exploring the relationshiop from the inside, through our own being, taking care to respcet our edges and unique rhythm, whilst weaving in Yoga philosophy and psychology. 

Group class sizes are small with no more than 4 people in a class (in-person), allowing for personalised adjustments and recommendations.

This is a breath centred Yoga practice where we will be making use of the breath to align the body and our focus will be on how a posture feels from the inside rather than how it looks from the outside. There will be flowing sequences to combine breath and movement as well as staying in key postures.

Classes are suitable for EVERY-BODY, beginners and people with experience alike.

I always aim to create accessible, equitable and safe spaces for acceptance, belonging and understanding. I am interested in supporting you to feel into your body/mind experience and to accept yourself exactly as you are, where you can listen to your breath, get to know yourself from a much deeper place, an inside out persepctive rather than an outside in one.

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£10 per class


£54 for a term of six classes


Mondays: 5.30-6.45pm

Next term begins on 13th September  till 18th October 2021 (in-person)

Group Classes for All

Corona Virus Update

All group classes are live streamed via Zoom for everyone to practice in the comfort of their own home.